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Northshore Pharmacy and Health Emporium, from the original inspiration and concept of a community based pharmacy, Northshore Pharmacy and Health Emporium has been focused on the co-creation of a wholistic approach to treating illness and injuries and promoting health and wellbeing. A multifaceted approach with resources and options supports lifestyle modifications that can benefit anyone. To promote this philosophy our staff Pharmacists, Herbalist, and Ayurvedic practitioner are available to discuss treatment plans and alternatives, helping clients address concerns and make informed choices.

Via continuous educational seminars and research, we keep current on the latest health discoveries. Ranging from new data on supplements to the latest Anti-Aging therapies. We are dedicated to bringing the most current information to our patients.

We are continuously researching information, fine-tuning our extraordinary inventory, and expanding our compounding laboratory services, providing comprehensive patient care and optimum customer service. We truly are,  “A unique store on the Northshore.”

COMPLIMENTARY Hormone Replacement Consultations ☆

NorthShore Pharmacy is starting a new COMPLIMENTARY service for our valued patients. This service includes a one-on-one consultation on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with our board certified pharmacist Martha Harkey. Please click on the link below for more information.

HRT Consultation Flyer

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